Get Your Car Ready for Your Road Trip

It’s that time of year again, the kids are getting out of school, vacations planned, and reunions are on the calendars.  Warmer weather often means road trip season.  It is important to have your car checked over to make sure it is ready for the miles on the open road.  There are a few things we suggest having inspected to ensure your trip stays cool and comfortable.  We may not be able to prevent the inevitable “are we there yet,” but we can help avoid the hassle of costly roadside auto repairs.

To stay cool, we recommend you have your air conditioner recharged and checked for leaks.  The long cold winter can wreak havoc on your car’s climate control, and finding a leak in your a/c system could prevent the result of sweltering kids being in the back of the car.  There are days that the windows just can’t keep you cool. Let us put some dye into your air conditioner system to ensure everything is up to the task of keeping you cool.

Belts and hoses should also be checked out prior to any road trips.  The ever changing New England weather can cause the belts and hoses to crack and cause them to be compromised.  Having them replaced before they break saves money and aggravation, helping to ensure an easy drive.

We also suggest a brake inspection before any long trips.  Don’t wait until you hear grinding, that can mean more damage has been done to the braking system.  More damage means more money.  Let us take a look to make sure your brakes are not in need of service.

Have all of your filters and fluids checked.  Clogged filters and dirty fluids can hinder vehicle performance.  Save money on gas and save time on the road by ensuring all of the fluids and filters are in the best condition possible.

Finally have your tires checked.  Cracked or worn tires can blow out at any time. Make sure your tires are ready for the long haul.  Tires wear out over time and can wear unevenly causing

Checking each of these areas on your car will help make your trip an enjoyable one.  Don’t get caught on the side of the road.  Most vehicle breakdowns can be prevented by ensuring regular maintenance.  Long trips can be stressful enough let us check your car to make sure you get to your destination safely.