I can see clearly now….

When you are thinking about the safety of your car, you most often consider the braking system, head and tail lights, passenger restraints among other things. However, one of the most important parts to keep your vehicle safe is often overlooked. Windshield wipers.

Being able to clearly see the road and any obstacles in your way is probably the most important factor in safe driving. A blurred view or unclean windshield surface can greatly hamper reaction time to what is happening when we are driving. Take a minute and look out your windshield, is there currently streaks of road salt obstructing your view? When you add that to the daily conditions including rain, snow and even solar glare, you must consider how safe your driving actually can be.

The harsh New England weather extremes are very tough on the rubber that makes up our wipers. Hot summer weather often warps the blade causing it to not hit all sections of the windshield evenly. The winter cold and road salt also have detrimental effects on the material which make up the wiper. New vehicle’s are more aerodynamic than ever which also is causing a lot more wind force on the wiper and windshield itself also leading to breakdown of the material used to make up the blade.

Our number one concern is the safety of our customers. When you look out your window and can see the grey grime of winter, better than the gentleman in the cross walk, it may just be time to replace your wiper blades. Give us a call, we always have time to help our family and friends stay safe.