Fall Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone is cautious about going out and about in a car that isn’t regularly mainained on a snowy, cold winter day, but regular maintenance is important year round.  With school days, fall sports and all of the extracurricular activites starting back up, it’s a great time to make sure your car is ready for transporting you and your family safely.

Not only does maintaining your vehicle, improve gas mileage and reduce pollution, but it also helps find little problems before they become BIG PROBLEMS.

Keep in mind  that it is alway a good idea to check your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals.  But, here are a few things that would be great to check as summer comes to a close.

Engine Oil:  Check how long it has been since your last oil change.  We recommend changing conventional oil every 3000 miles and synthetic oil every 5000 miles.  Keeping up with oil changes will prolong engine life.

Heating/Defrost system:  Check your heater and defroster.  You certainly want to make sure that they will keep you comfy when temperature drops.  It is also important to check your wipers.  Having wiper blades that are in good working order will help with visiblity.  It may also be  a smart time to put an ice scraper in the glove compartment.

Battery:  Fall is also a great time to stop by and get your battery tested.  Professional equipment is the only accurate way to check for a weak battery, and I think we can all agree that finding out your batter is late when you are running late for a bus…is no fun!

Exterior Lights:  Sadly, the days are getting shorter.  It is a good idea to make sure all of your exterior lights are in working order.  If you find a dead bulb, call us, we can get you bright again in no time!

Tires:  Check your tires.  Worn tires will not be safe as winter approaches.  Check for nicks in the sidewalls, uneven tread wear, and tread life.  It is also important to check for proper inflation regularly.  Make sure you check your spare!  Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do it’s important that it is ready to go.

Cooling/Transmission/Etc. Fall is a great time to consider flushing your cooling system and transmission as well as having us check your hoses, belts and clamps! 

Hopefully these precautions will help keep your travels safe and comfortable, but it is still a good time to stock your car with emergency supplies.  Gloves, blankets, flares, a shovel, flashlight with batteries, kitty litter and some high protein snacks, and our card!  It’s always important to have a great mechanic’s number handy in case of emergency.happy car